Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Monte Carlo dress

The Monte Carlo campaign have released a few lovely and free dresses. This is the next available dress and it is available to members from the US. If you are from or in the US you can click here to get them.

If not you can follow these steps to get it.

-Go to a US proxy like one of these,

-Type into the proxy server url box,

-Press go/enter/surf it really will depend on what server you use for this ,

-Once it has loaded you can log into stardoll ,

-Then type or paste this into the proxy bar
-Then you can log off stardoll and go on as normal,

-It should be waiting in your suite in a gift bag.

Were you able to get it? Did you like it?

Warning: Proxy servers must be used with caution they can bring pop up adverts ( try to close them immediately) and it must be your own choice to use them , this proxy brings up a warning, it is just saying what I normally say, that they can be risky.


Anonymous said...

this didnt work for me :(

Anonymous said...

i didn't work for me earthier

Anonymous said...

didnt for me either dont know wy

leja kaya said...

it dindt work for me to